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The unwilling coach who couldn't stay away from coaching

  • February, 11, 2023

Johan Premfors was not planning to become a coach, it was rather the opposite. Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals changed that with both co-leaders and participants at a level, he had never experienced despite years of corporate training in the investment industry.

Let me share a personal story that still makes me chuckle. Before I start I must share that I'm a little biased. My better half is Gönan Premfors, the founder of The Coaches Training Institute in Dubai and a trailblazer in the coaching profession.

It all started when Gönan decided to pursue coaching, inspired by my somewhat tongue-in-cheek suggestion that she should get paid for all the advice she was dishing out to her former colleagues. Little did I know how her newfound passion would change both of our lives.

As Gönan immersed herself in a professional coaching program called "Co-Active Something," I couldn't help but wonder if she had either (1) joined a cult or (2) found someone more charming than yours truly. To my relief, it was neither. She was simply hooked on the transformative power of coaching.

When Gönan brought the program to Dubai, I insisted on being in the first cohort. As the course began, I was struck by the incredible backgrounds of the instructors, Lori and Jim, and the genuine connections I felt with the diverse participants. However, I remained adamant that coaching wasn't for me; I was in it purely for self-improvement.

Fast-forward to today, and I've wholeheartedly embraced coaching. From running my own businesses to working in crisis-struck countries like Afghanistan, the skills I've gained through coaching have been invaluable. I can confidently say that Co-Active coaching has taught me how to have the best of both worlds.

In retrospect, I realize that traditional education didn't engage me on a personal level. Co-Active coaching, on the other hand, spoke to my inner desires and encouraged my true self to emerge. I only wish that everyone, especially children, could experience it.

As a still somewhat reluctant coach, I'm eternally grateful to my biggest teachers: my incredible wife, Gönan, and the Co-Active way.

Yours humorously,


Johan Premfors is a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and a CTI Faculty Member, and he runs a technology and media business in Stockholm, Sweden.

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